The Freylinghausen Hall is located on the first floor of the Historic Orphanage.

Here you can also find various seminar and conference rooms. From the late 17th. century Francke build up a network of connection around the world, a network recalled in the names from these rooms. Many of Francke's students and pupils became pastors working in India, Russia or America. Originally these rooms housed the Latina Grammar School.

On the 4th November 1711 Francke brought together 1300 children for the first religious service here. The Hall reflects the central tenet of Pietism. Francke had deliberately commissioned a assembly hall that could be used for both spiritual and secular gatherings. At that time this was a radical new idea. As a rule devine service or religious ceremonies where only ever held in church.

Find out more about the Freylinghausen Hall and the paintings on the walls.

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On the first floor you will find the current special exhibition. Above, on the top floor of the Historic Orphanage, you will find the Cabinet of Artefacts and Natural Curiosities of the Francke Foundations. Finally, enjoy the view over the roofs of the foundations and the city of Halle from the Altan.

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